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Fantastic bushy plant - perennial but not hardy. Beautiful dark purple foliage and pale lilac flowers. Use leaves and flowers in cooking and salads - not to mention pesto - which I make everyweek through the summer. Keep cutting from the tips and it keeps getting bigger and bushier as the season goes on.

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This basil is native to Southeastern Asia, and its flavour is quite distinctive, having just a hint of licorice or aniseed. Used in authentic Thai dishes. When used in cooking, it will give aubergine, pepper and tomato dishes a delicious twist. The leaves can also be shredded and scattered onto salads, or used in the same way as you would spinach.


Bergenia purpurescens delavayi is a valuable plant for its bold architectural foliage and colour. An evergreen perennial with leathery round leaves up to 30cm across, turning a vivid beetroot colour in the late summer and through winter.

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Also known as Bidens aurea. This late summer performer produces masses of pale yellow daisies. Lots of tall feathery foliage provides a verdant backdrop to nearby companions in the herbaceous border. Even though it is a tall plant reaching up to 1.8m (6ft), it requires no staking. Open sunny position in soil that does not dry out.

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Hardy deciduous plant forming rosetttes of lanceolate, rather fleshy bronze-tinted leaves to 30cm tall which start into growth in early spring. Later it produces racemes of starry, bright yellow flowers. A choice little plant for a spot where it can be admired.

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Bupleurum longifolium is a native from open woods and pastures of the mountains of Central Europe. A hardy perennial, it has long-stalked, spatula-shaped lower leaves and stem-clasping, heart-shaped upper leaves. In summer it bears long-stalked heads of flowers not dissimilar in arrangement to those of Astrantia to which it is related. Bupleurum longifolium 'Bronze Beauty' produces tiny umbels of minute, yellow, true flowers surrounded by coppery-coloured, petal-like bracts giving a most attractive and long-lasting bloom from May which flower arrangers will find irresistible. Hardy perennial, likes sun & dry. Self sows gently when established. 50cm.

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A compact basil with tiny leaves - cut and come again. I love this one for culinary use.

Available now in 9cm pots £3.50.

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