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Brightest deep pink flowers over spreading fleshy leaves. Flowers all summer in an open sunny site.

Bright yellow flowers on low fleshy foliage. Great for rockery, scree or trough.

A delightful pink, forming a dense cushion of neat green foliage, in summer single, richly scented, pure white blooms, on long wiry stems, each heavily notched around their margins are produced. Ideal for a rock garden, front of a border or why not place it in a sink near to a seat so you can enjoy the exquisite fragrance. 12'' (30cm) high in flower.

A robust and fully hardy Diascia species, with open racemes of rose-pink flowers borne throughout summer and well into autumn. Heart-shaped green leaves form a loose mat of foliage. Likes a free-draining soil in sun. 25cm (10").

Dense stems to 18" to 24 in height, sometimes more but it can be pruned to keep lower (a bit like penstemons). Pink flowers throughout summer. Proved to be our hardiest diascia through the two coldest winters of 2009/2010. This is what one of our customers had to say about it this year "I purchased a Diascia personata from you after your excellent talk to Mid Staffs Hort Soc in October, 2011.  I planted it front of my south-facing bungalow and expected it to just sit there, or die-back, until the following spring. Instead, it started to slowly grow in December and continued to do so despite temperatures down to -10C in February. It then flowered from early summer to December, growing to about 30x30 inches. I was most impressed!"

So glad to have this plant back in the fold. Deep rose-pink flowers on stiff, upward arching stems throughout summer and into autumn. 45cm (18") high. Any sunny site

Throughout the summer and until the first frosts, this plant produces masses of airy upright racemes covered in pale pink flowers. As with the previous species it is hardy and makes a good border plant. 30cm (12").

Compact bulbous perennial with fern-like foliage and arching stems each bearing a few small, yellow-tipped, white flowers in spring. Lies dormant in summer. 15cm (6") high, 30cm (12") spread. Requires part shade and moist soil.

Clump-forming perennial with short, finely cut grey-green leaves. Arching sprays of salmon-pink flowers in spring and summer.

This beautiful Angel's Fishing Rod grows just 45-60cm (18-24") high and has salmon-pink flowers in July-August. For a sunny spot in moisture-retentive soil.

Another selection of Foxglove this time with attractive pastel shaded apricot blooms. Reaches a height of around 1.5m (5ft).

A lovely Foxglove, producing tall, dense racemes of purest white, trumpet-shaped blooms in June; all held above well defined rosettes of hairy green foliage. 90-180cm (3-6ft).

This relative of Solomon's Seal makes a handsome addition to the woodland border, growing happily in partially shaded areas of the garden. Each year it sends up short, arching stems of glossy, dark green, elliptical leaves, hanging beneath which are flared bell flowers, each creamywhite with green marking on the insides of the petals and a delicate lemon scent. 40cm (16").

This beautiful member of the Primula family has pale pink flowers with reflexed petals which are produced in spring. 20cm (8"). Partial shade preferred. Summer dormant.

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