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One of many daisies from the prairies of North America, this popular herbaceous species produces many upright stems with individual large purple flowers, with a central cone made up of numerous orange and brown anthers. 90- 20cm (3-4ft). These are our own hybrids chosen for good colour and hardiness.

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Silver grey foliage. Small highly scented yellow flowers in late spring.

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Throughout the year, this plant makes a good mound of fine-looking, glossy dark green, toothed foliage which doesn't require trimming back, unlike most epimediums. In spring it produces bunches of bright, starry-yellow flowers. 30cm (12").

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A reliable performer, bearing rich yellow, outward facing blooms in tall, upright panicles throughout April and May. This species is well suited to shade where it will form a good dense ground cover with its coppery-red new growth. Tolerant of drought once established. 30cm (12").

Available now 1 litre pots £7.50. PLANT CODE: EPI-PIN-COL

African or weeping love grass. 60-90cm (2-3ft) high in flower. Best sited in an open sunny spot with space around it to show off its beautiful arching form.

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Tiny little plant for trough or scree. A native of North America it produces white daisy flowers in spring & early summer.

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Flowers open a good clear yellow, slowly turning a rich purple, such is the length of the flowering period it is usually adorned with yellow and purple on one stem and all shades in between. Like Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' it requires a free-draining soil, ideally in full sun. 60cm (2ft) or more.

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Hardy bulbous perennial. Eucomis bicolor, known as the variegated pineapple lily or just pineapple lily, is a bulbous species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to Southern Africa. The pale green, purple-margined flowers are arranged in a spike, topped by a "head" of green leaflike bracts.

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Euphorbia characias is also known as the Mediterranean spurge. It is an upright, compact evergreen shrub growing to 1.2 m tall and wide. Making quite an architechural statement in the border.

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An excellent form of griffithii spotted by Christopher Lloyd. In spring very dark green foliage emerges, tinged with reds and purples, each leaf with an orangey central vein, followed by the coppery flowers and -orange involucres (bracts), it is truly stunning. Happy in most soil types. 60cm (2ft).

Available now 1 litre pots £5. PLANT CODE: EUP-DIX

A most rewarding species, highly regarded for its terminal clusters of honey-scented flowers held over bright green leaves that form a rounded evergreen subshrub. Excellent when planted in a sheltered spot, in full sun and free- draining soil, where it will make a most useful architectural feature. Up to 1.8m (6ft).

Availablenow 1 litre pots £7.50. PLANT CODE: EUP-MEL

Striking dwarf silvery-white bush covered in bright yellow daisy flowers in early summer. Suitable for a trough. Prefers a sheltered spot in well drained soil. 30cm high.

Available now 9cm pots £4. PLANT CODE: EURY-AC

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