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The Snowdrop - needs no introduction. During February and March we sell our own stock of snowdrops in the green. Freshly dug. Please order 24 hours in advance. 

Flowers from midsummer through autumn. White flowers, pink flushed, dance gracefully like butterflies amongst the small willow-like leaves. Full sun and good drainage - in fact the more gravelly the soil, the better. 90cm (3ft).

Somtimes an oldie is a goodie. If you want weed supressing,no fuss plants then look no further. Forms robust clumps 9-15" in height which are covered in deep blue flowers in late May & June. Spreads gently and the main think I like about this plant is that it is sterile, so there are no unwanted seedlings.

An excellent shade loving plant. Once settled it will form mats of bright shiny green foliage with red flushed stems full of dark pink, pale centred flowers. 30cm (12").

Instead of the dark pink flowers of the species, this variety has lilac-purple flowers, the margins picked out with white and heavily veined with deep purple; a most unusual combination of colours. The name refers not to the foliage but to the garden in which it was raised. 45cm (18").

Forms low mounds of sage-green foliage. Pale purplish flowers with darker veining. 30cm high (12"). Full sun.

Large blue flowers on long flowering stems are produced over the longest period through summer and autumn. 25cm (10") high.

This variety has large flowers with magenta-purple petals, each centred on a white eye. Grow in a sunny site in free-draining soil. 25cm (12").

An old variety, originally raised in 1935 by A.T. Johnson, of Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' fame; a highly popular and rewarding form with very large, cool, rosy-pink flowers from May into October. 30cm

Compact ground hugging foliage of rich browny-red. Small whitish flowers through summer. Suitable for rockery, gravel bed or trough.

Another excellent low growing cultivar, sending out restrained flowering shoots covered with pale silvery-pink and pale centred flowers, held over evergreen leaves. An ideal plant for covering the feet of leggier herbaceous perennials; best grown in full sun on a well-drained soil. 20cm (8").

These flowers are almost luminous in their intensity, a rich magenta-purple in colour and carried for an impressively long time starting in May and not finishing until October - without the need for cutting back in between. The palmate foliage is grey-green and forms 20cm (8") high mats, ideal for flopping over the front of a border or through other plants. It requires a border in full sun with free-draining soil, but that is little to ask for the reward it returns.

A first rate plant forming mounds of procumbent stems bearing large purplish flowers with black centres from June through to the frosts of autumn.

A variety rated by Christopher Lloyd as 'outstanding'; we happen to agree. A low, spreading plant making copious mounds of green foliage covered during midsummer until the early frosts, with flowers of purple-magenta overlaid with deeper purple veining. 20cm (8").

A really useful herbaceous perennial with cheerful, warm brick-red to orange petals centred around showy bright yellow stamens. The bright green leaves make a dense bold clump. 30-40cm(12-18").

Another orange-flowered Geum, this form having intense, vibrant, double flowers on very strong stems. Repeat flowering throughout summer. 60cm (24").

We rate this as our favourite in the Geum stakes. Warm buttery-yellow petals and ruddy bracts make up the nodding, strawberry-like flowers which are produced through late spring and summer. The foliage forms a good dome of large rounded leaves. 20cm (9").

Primrose-coloured flowers are produced through late spring and early summer. 30-45cm (12-18") high.

Double orange flowers on strong arching stems to 45cm (18").

A new variety, with frilly flowers - deep red in bud, opening out to pale rosy-pink.

A beautiful perennial with tinted foliage 60-90cm (2-3ft) in height. Sprays of graceful white flowers in early summer. For a cool spot in good soil.

Attractive bell-shaped, hooded flowers; ivory green to yellow petals, the insides of the lower petals heavily suffused with mauves and creams; produced in late summer and into autumn. It thrives here on the nursery in several different sites. 90cm (3ft).

A lovely low growing, deciduous fern. In spring, very pale green new growth emerges and slowly darkens to a brilliant but rich green. Each triangular frond is supported on black wiry stems. A very hardy fern best grown in a shady site with a cool root run. 20cm (8").

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