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This choice woodlander has variegated foliage and yellow-green flower heads in late winter and early spring. Very slow growing. Humus-rich moisture retentive soil.

A magnificent perennial grass with year round interest. Starting in spring the new shoots which are brilliant yellow, aging to a pleasant variegated green and creamy-yellow and again changing colour in autumn to a buttery-beige often suffused with pinks and clarets. Planted in a border or individually in containers, it exhibits its best summer colours when sited in light shade and given shelter from cold drying winds. 60cm (2ft).

Probably the most famous of all the heleniums. This excellent early flowering variety makes good clumps of tidy green foliage above which are held deep coppery, red-orange flowers with a rich mahogany centre; aging to a rich but warm brown. 90cm (3ft).

Starting into bloom a month earlier than other varieties, each bloom is a mixture of yellow, deep orange and peach streaks, which age to a deeper orange-red, creating a multicoloured effect on the whole plant. 90cm (3ft) high.

We grow a good selection of this most useful low growing shrubby plant, the Rock Rose. Peach, pink, yellow, and cream flowers are amongst the ones we grow. Any sunny, well drained site. Remember to give them a 'good hair cut' straight after flowering - this will keep them compact and stop them getting straggly.

A really superb perennial Sunflower, bearing masses of pale yellow flowers in late summer and autumn. Grows in most soil types, full sun will ensure strong, upright stems. 1.8m (6ft).

Very strong growing perennial sunflower with sturdy stems bearing large, showy yellow flowers in late summer and early autumn. 1.8m (6ft) high. Full sun.

A first rate perennial sunflower with extremely double flowers that look like big cadmium-yellow pom-poms. 1.5m (5ft).

We have a selection of garden hybrids in colours ranging from pure white through to dark slatey purples.

We have a wide range of hostas for sale, ranging in size from the miniature Hosta 'Allan McConnel' to the large Hostas like 'Moerheim' and 'Gold standard'.

A small hosta with compact golden foliage.

A ground hugging plant for rockery, trough or gravel garden. Starry flowers through summer.

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