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Dwarf Candytuft. A dwarf evergreen shrublet growing just 15cm (6") high, covered in flat heads of white flowers in early spring. Suitable for an alpine garden or trough in full sun.

Japanese Blood Grass. Green leaves appearing late, turn blood red with age. Requires good to moist but well-drained soil in full sun to do well. 45cm (18") high.

We have a selection of insectivorous plants, mainly the hardy sarracenia species suitable for growing outdoors or in a cold greenhouse.

Rounded flowers are rich blue in colour - not as hardy as other ipheions, we grow it with some protection.

Growing about 12-15" in height this iris prefers a sunny well drained site. White flowers.

An incredibly striking plant with rich, velvety, indigo-black flowers, the intricate veins on the falls picked out in gold. Very free flowering and also fragrant. Handsome fans of narrow, green foliage rising to 45cm (18").

This iris has plummy coloured flowers - which also smell of stewed plums! 15" high.

Another Iris that enjoys having its feet kept wet. A desirable plant with broad flowers which are a good shade of lavender-blue, set off wonderfully by the broad leaves with clean cream and green variegation. 75cm (30").

A tiny little iris growing just 3 or 4" high. Best suited to a trough.

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