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A great favourite here, forget all you've heard about Dead Nettles; this plant forms neat clumps and excels in heavy to partial shade. In spring, red-tinted, heavily toothed new growth appears, to open out into attractive leaves, which also have bronze autumn colour. The spikes of deadnettle flowers are velvety-brownish-pink with white markings and are often said to resemble orchids.  Forms tidy clumps to 45cm (18") high.

Known as the spring pea, this is an old cottage garden favourite, grown not surprisingly for its fresh bunches of violet-blue and pink pea flowers. Of immense value in the spring border; growing in either sun or partial shade. 30cm (12"). An easy and very long lived perennial, best left undisturbed. A valuable tip is that you should not try to split this plant - you often end up with no root on anything. Instead you should propagate by seed.

A compact habit and deep blue flowers. Makes an ideal hedging or edging plant.

A personal favourite of ours - seen growing here at the nursery on a raised bed, where it has gone through the coldest of winters. Good colour and stature.

Flowering very late in the season, from September to November, when its large, pure white flowers with a green-yellow centre provide a nice accent at the back of the border. It prefers a goodto moist soil in full sun or part shade. 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft).

Known as the Summer Snowflake, this robust clump former flowers in late spring & early summer. White flowers with greenish-yellow tips on stems 15 to 18" in height. Grows happily in a wide range of soils in sun or shade.

What a charming little lily this is, native to the Himalayas, we find it grows here with ease. Our stock seems to reach 30cm (12") in height, although it may grow taller in some conditions. At the top of its narrow foliage are several elegant cup-like flowers held semi-pendant, and a delicate shade of purple flushed with rose-pink, the stamens are picked out with a rich purple. Suitable for a site in part shade with a well-drained soil. It sets good seed & germinates well.

As the name suggests this lily is from the Himalayas. A stunning species growing up to 90cm (3ft), bearing large, nodding, bicoloured flowers, creamy-apple-green on the outside and half of the interior, with the remainder a rich chocolate brown to crimson colour, beside which the orange stamens positively glow. Each stem can carry up to five recurved trumpets, opening in succession and with a delightful perfume. We find them easy to grow in cool shade, but they are often late to start into growth in spring and once growing need plenty of water.

Flax. Useful, although short-lived perennial. Attractive fine blue-grey foliage 30-45cm (12-18") in height. Bright blue flowers in summer. Sunny well-drained site required.

A  fantastic hardy shrub with pale greysih blue foliage and masses of sugar-pink flowers through summer.

A stunning flowered lychnis - large, pale tangerine coloured flowers in summer. Slightly sprawly habit, best suited to a little shade.

A cottage garden favourite. 18" high. Downy silvery foliage. Cerise flowers in abundance through summer. Self seeds readily - although never a nuisance as it is so easy to pull up.

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