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A very hardy deciduous fern, exploding into life each spring, when it produces a cone of fresh green new growth; good viewed from any angle but especially effective when viewed from above. In our opinion no bog or water garden is complete without this plant. 1.2m (4ft).

Available now in 9cm pots £5. PLANT CODE: MATT-ST

This neat shrubby plant with greyish foliage, produces flowers of white or mauve; their rich perfume filling the evening air during summer. Self seeds freely, especially in gravel or light soils. 45cm (18").

Available later in season. 

Seed available now. £2.50


What a gorgeous woodland plant. An upright habit -  this form has pinky, magenta-lipped flowers that spring from the stem above each pair of leaves.  Seldom seen for sale.

Available now 2 litre pots £7.50. PLANT CODE: MEL-MEL


The fresh menthol taste of peppermint makes it an excellent choice for culinary use, especially for peppermint tea and to flavour ice cream, sorbets and drinks, and the very dark brown oval pointed leaves are an attractive variation on the traditional peppermint.

Available now in 9cm pots £3.50. PLANT CODE: MENTH-BP


Available now in 9cm pots £3.50. PLANT CODE: MENTH-EDC

Strong flavour - used in mint tea.

Available now in 1 litre pots £5. PLANT CODE: MENTH-JA



The leaves are bright green and crinkled with a clear, sweet,  mint flavour.

Available now 9cm pots £3.50. PLANT CODE: MENTH-MO


Available now in 9cm pots £3.50.


Pineapple mint is a variegated cultivar of apple mint (Mentha suaveolens). It features attractive, variegated leaves, usually with white margins, on plants that grow up to a foot tall. The leaves are bumpy and hairy and the white edging can make them look as though they are sporting a ruffle. White or light pink flowers bloom on small spikes at the top of the plant in summer. The flowers attract a wide variety of pollinating insects, including bees and butterflies. 

Available now in 10cm pots £4. PLANT CODE: MENTH-PINE

Yes, it's true strawberry scented mint!

Available now 9cm pots £3.50. PLANT CODE: MENTH-STRAW


We were given this mint by Kim from the Cottage Herbery. She recommends it as the best for mint Sauce.

Available now in 9cm pots £3.50. Plant code: MENTH-GRAN

A native aquatic plant well worth growing in any reasonable sized pond. During the warmer months, it sends up short spikes full of pink flower buds which open to fringed white, star-shaped flowers that emit a very pleasant perfume. The durable foliage is equally attractive and provides homes for fish and wildlife.

Available now - bare root - 5 shoots with roots - £5. You can put these straight into the edge of your pond, anchored down with a stone and they will grow away nicely.


Symbol of love and beauty. A wonderful shrub with aromatic foliage and beautiful creamy-white flowers, followed by blackish berries. I would never be without this plant in my garden.

Available now in 2 litre pots £9.50. PLANT CODE: MYR-COM


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