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This little daffodil is always a delight to behold during the early weeks of the year. Use it in troughs and containers & then plant out into the garden for subsequent years. 12"/30cm high.

What a little gem...a true miniature, most suitable for trough or alpine house. Grows just a few inches high with these tiny exact miniature daffodils. Scented too.

A fantastic hardy grass which is light and airy. Forms exact domes of delicate looking foliage - 18-24" across. Best in an open sunny site or in gravel.

I was given this plant by a customer a couple of years ago and have been unable to verify the name. But is really is a super plant - low domed habit, long flowering season and good deep blue flower colour. And of course as with all the nepetas a good insect plant.

Hardy perennial, creates a great cottage garden effect. Blue flowers through summer - loved by butterflies and bees.

Always in demand. Growing 12-18" in height, it makes a great front of the border plant. Also ideal for edging pathways. Loved by butterflies and bees. 

Makes a good mound of grey-green foliage with dense spikes of lilac flowers, produced over a long period. Greatly appreciated by the butterflies. 30-75cm (12-30").

'A plant that can hardly be over praised' said the great plantswoman Gertrude Jekyll. Replicate her designs by using it as an edging plant. An aromatic, clump forming perennial with silvery, greygreen leaves and spikes of pale lavender to purple flowers. Like all catmints it requires a well drained soil in full or part sun; after flowering cut back to encourage new growth. 45cm (18").

An annual nicotiana, well worth raising from seed each year. Flowers are such an unusual colour, making them very useful in border schemes and particularly in containers.

An annual plant, well worth growing for its long show of elegant white flowers which are highly perfumed particularly at night. Remember to collect seed.

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