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Variegated foliage - good for gravel or raised bed or trough.

A most intriguing plant, with intense near black foliage. Looking initially like a robust grass, only in the summer when the flowers appear does it reveal its identity as a member of the Lily of the Valley family. A great foil for small flowering perennials and bulbs. 30cm (12").

Add a touch of pure gold to the herb garden or herbaceous border with this golden-leaved Marjoram. Its compact domed habit can be accentuated by cutting back the white flowers after they have finished. 45cm (18").

This oregano is a gem; wonderfully aromatic foliage and flowers are dark purple-pink in bud, opening to fresh pink. Loved by butterflies and bees. Forms neat hummocks 30cm (12") x 30cm (12"). Suitable for the front of a sunny border or raised bed, rockery or wall.

For a South African, this plant is tough as old boots, chiefly due to its high altitude provenance and as long as you remember to plant it in a well-drained situation it will reward you with a long flowering season. We have made two selections, the first a strong deep pink, the second a very pale almost white-pink bloom. Both have in their centre a disc floret which starts out purple-blue and ages to a rich golden-yellow. Plants form a dense perennial mat that slowly spreads itself - perfect for the edge of a border or tumbling down a wall. 50cm (20").

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