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A perennial that emerges early in the damp woodland, quickly throwing up large, heart-shaped leaves and dense heads of white blooms - just when the border could do with cheering up. Once the garden is in full swing it quietly sits in the background, making a capable ground cover plant. 40cm (16").

A Tree Peony with outward facing blooms, each petal an intense rich red surrounding the golden-yellow stamens crowded in the centre. When not flowering it is still a useful plant, with its handsome cut foliage. 1.8m (6ft

A cross between two peonies, Paeonia lutea and P. lactiflora; forming an upright deciduous shrub with deeply divided leaves. The large single blooms of varying colour from rich buttery-yellow to fiery or burnt orange. All are gorgeous so take a chance. 1.5m (5ft).

A strong growing perennial grass, grown for its upright blue-green linear leaves that have good autumn colour. During late summer flowers appear and give the whole plant a misty appearance. Requires a site in full sun and with well-drained soil. 1.8m (6ft) or more in height.

An upright grass with stiff, pale, metallic-blue-green foliage, that turns rich golden-yellow in the autumn; as summer ends it sends up billows of golden-brown flowers. Cultivation as P. virgatum 'Cloud Nine' 1.2m (4ft).

A fine grass with an upright habit, 90-120cm (3-4ft) high. Ideal as an accent plant. Flowers from early September well into Autumn. Flowers are purple on first opening & look fantastic planted with Verbena bonariensis. Good red & purple autumn colour. For an open sunny site.

This Australian speedwell relative is grown as much for its glaucous, grey-green paired foliage, which makes neat domes, as for its deep blue spikes of four petalled flowers. We find this species to be hardy, even on our often wet clay, as long as it is placed in full sun. 60cm (24").

A wonderful really tough pennisetum. Stands strong and upright to 6ft. Long tails of light coloured grass flowers in late summer and autumn.

Large flowers are a lovely shade of mauve-purple with white throat.

Large flowers of rich wine colour with a open white throat. Very showy.

This is our own selection - a seedling found growing here in 2012. It has proved hardy and has the most tropical pink coloured flowers - hence the name.

An old and well loved variety which is always popular.

This alpine penstemon growing just 20cm (10") high, is a worthwhile addition to any rockery, raised bed or scree planting. Forms neat mounds of fine needle-like foliage, bearing small, red tubular flowers in summer.

This alpine penstemon growing just 20cm (10") high, is a worthwhile addition to any rockery, raised bed or scree planting. Forms neat mounds of fine needle-like foliage, bearing small, tubular flowers, a lovely shade of yellow, in summer.

A really great penstemon which is very hardy. A showy and very long lasting display of large vibrant red flowers with open white throat.

A vigorous and hardy Penstemon, renowned for its port-wine coloured flowers, that are perfectly complimented by the narrow, bright green foliage. A robust and long lived variety. 75cm (30").

Large dark purple flowers on stems up to 90cm (3ft) in height.

A variety with salmon-pink floral tubes, marked inside with crimson streaks. Free-flowering and very hardy. 60-75cm (24-30").

A large variety with flowers of white to blush-pink, the lips and margins of the petals flushed deep pink red. Free-flowering and very hardy. 45-60cm (18-24").

Large, dark wine-coloured flowers to 90cm (3ft) in height.

A bold plant - bright red flowers. Best in a good to heavy soil.

Fantastic foliage plant growing 60-90cm (2-3ft) in height. White flowers in summer and autumn. Good autumn colouring on the foliage too.

A real show stopper. Vivid pink flowers are produced in early summer above bright green foliage. Requires a site in full sun or partial shade and a moisture-retentive soil. 45-60cm (18-24").

A most popular variety with pure white, scented flowers in late summer. 90cm(3ft) high.

Low creeping, stoloniferous habit. Ideally suited to a semi-shaded site.

A neat and extremely ground-hugging plant, from temperate South America. Best suited to growing in the rock garden or raised bed, where the fragrant heads of pink Verbena-scented blooms can be appreciated throughout the summer.

A first class relative of the Cow Parsley, bearing deep pink, lacy compound umbels during June and July, great in combination with foxgloves or similar 'natural' plants. 1.2m (4ft).

A native of N. America, from Quebec to Minnesota. Leaves 30-60cm (1-2ft) high, green with 5-9 lobes. Nodding white-pink fragrant flowers, followed by yellowish, scented fruits. A more spreading habit than hexandrum.

This ever popular woodland perennial, bears clusters of tubular, bell-shaped, greenish-white flowers in late spring. Elegant arching stems spread to form dense colonies. 90cm (3ft).

Variegated form of Solomon's Seal.

Hardy evergreen fern with a creeping, ground cover habit. Divided fronds give an overall lacy effect. Tolerant of very dry conditions when established. 30cm (12") high.

A reliable semi-evergreen fern thriving in dense shade. Happy as long as the soil is moist and neutral to alkaline. 60cm (2ft).

Another handsome and fully hardy fern bearing glossy green fronds, covered in golden hairs when they first emerge. 60cm (2ft).

A beautiful and very hardy form of the native Soft Shield Fern, with evergreen hummocks of much divided lacy fronds produced in a swirling habit. Best in a moist, humus-rich soil. 60cm (2ft). We sell plants propagated vegetatively from our own choice stock.

In the summer time, this variety is covered with numerous pale, creamy-yellow strawberry-type flowers, carried upon grey-green leaflets. Upright stems to 45cm (18").

A good deep, canary-yellow flowered variety, producing the flowers for many weeks; each cluster of flowers is held on a strong, upright stems. 45cm (18").

An early flowering and valuable species. In April-June the branched, red stems bear pure white flowers,  with a small yellow eye. Simply beautiful at 45cm (18").

When in bloom, this perennial is a showstopper - with its dark-centred, deep velvety-red flowers. 45-60cm (18-24").

A cross between P. anglica and P. rupestris. Dark green leaves and open flowers, comprising five peachy-orange petals with a crimson red centre. 10cm (4") in height, stems trailing 60-90cm (2-3ft). Ideal for a raised bed where it can topple over an edge and show off its mass of flowers.

A double flowered hybrid; inheriting its fiery-vermilion colour from its parent Potentilla atrosanguinea. 45cm (18").

A mat forming perennial with a low creeping habit, reaching just 6cm (2½") high. During summer it is covered with five-petalled white flowers; these are usually followed by small red berries. Grows in sun or partial shade - not too dry.

A vigorous ground hugging perennial, with star-shaped pale blue flowers. It grows happily in full sun or partial shade, as groundcover or paving infill.

A delightful spring flowering primula with rich red flowers. 12"/30cm high. Divide after flowering to keep the vigour.

A great spring flowering plant for a cool site - wonderful display of rich blue flowers.

A vigorous low growing primula with white flowers in late winter and spring. 10cm (4").

A very old fashioned plant, but still loved. Very hardy and forms low ground hugging clumps covered in rich purplish flowers in spring.

This Candelabra Primula carries flowers of orange-yellow to deep orange in whorls up stems, which reach 60cm (2ft) in height. June to July. Moisture retentive soil.

One of the finest candelabra primulas; a vigorous and long lasting perennial suitable for damp soils. In the early summer producing tall layered flower spikes with flowers varying in colour from reddish-purple, pinks and whites each with a contrasting eye. We grow several selected colour strains. 45-60cm (18-24").

Pure white flowers, a beautiful addition to any moisture retentive planting scheme.

This delightful species makes a low growing perennial with attractive green foliage whose margins are notched and heavily corrugated. Flowers are borne in umbels on 30cm (12") stems. Creeps gently in good, moist soil.

Needing little introduction; the umbels of nodding, rich-yellow, fragrant blooms are always welcome in the garden. 25cm (10").

This much sought after form of double flowered primrose has cream coloured flowers, with a surround of green bracts. 15cm (6").

A polyanthus hybrid Primula with evergreen rosettes of oval, bronze-purple leaves. In spring clusters of blush-pink-puce blooms with a yellow eye appear in groups. Actually preferring a heavier soil that never dries out, appreciating shade from the noon sun. 15cm (6").

Forms excellent ground cover. Leaves are plain green and flowers are brightest blue.

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