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Known as Fair Maids of France, originating in the moist mountain meadows and open woodland of Central Europe. A truly superb plant with double white flowers on attractive branching stems to 60cm (2ft) or more high.

Available soon.

A perennial from Europe, with large, pale green, hairy leaves appearing in late winter followed by large, yellow, cup-shaped flowers in spring. Prefers a hot dry site. Dies back during summer. 30-45cm (12-18").

Available now 9cm pots £5. PLANT CODE: RAN-ILL-5

A fantastic pool margin or bog plant, happiest with its feet in water, where it will produce masses of large, shiny-yellow, five-petalled flowers throughout summer. A native of Britain and Europe up to Siberia.120cm (4ft).

Available now bare root pieces £5. PLANT CODE: RAN-LIN-GRAN

Available now 9cm pots £4. PLANT CODE: RAO-H

Hardy perennial - slowly creeping habit. starry blue flowers. 12" high.

Available now 1 litre pots £6. PLANT CODE: RHAZ-O

Alpine or rockery plant. Tiny fleshy fresh-green foliage and white flowers. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. 

Available now 9cm pots £4. PLANT CODE: RHOD-T-4

Such a pretty little rose. A low-growing, suckering shrub, which is ideal for ground cover, or for poor soil. Bears pretty white flowers in profusion in May and early June, followed by maroon-black hips. Attractive to bees.

Available now 2 litre pots £7.50. PLANT CODE: ROSA-SP-7.50

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