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Rare species from Peru. Small turquoise flowers suffused with pale green are produced throughout summer. Lovely in containers. Requires winter protection.

Available now in 1 litre pots £8.50

Pineapple sage. Leaves are scented like pineapple. Bright red flowers over a long period in summer & autumn. Needs a little winter protection but makes a great container plant where its scented foliage can be enjoyed.

Available now 2 litre pots £8.50. PLANT CODE: SAL-RUT

We have a selection of hardy sarracenias for sale. Suitable for growing in pots or pool edges and bog garden providing it has acidic conditions, direct sunight and low nutrients.

Sarracenia require full direct sun. As such, they are candidates for only the brightest of windowsills - direct sunlight will help your plants remain strong with good trumpet colour.

Always water with rainwater.

The traditional compost mixture for  Sarracenia is sphagnum peat moss mixed with either lime-free horticultural sand or perlite to a ratio of about 2:1. 

Since our nursery is peat-free - and has been for the last 20 years - we pot our insectivorous plants in a highly composted quality bark with perlite added. Never add fertiliser or liquid feed as the plants get their nutrients from the insects they trap.

Insectivorous plants are great for getting children interested in plants - little boys love them (and big boys too!).

See also Darlingtonia and Drosera under the A to Z list.

The lids of the trumpets are a rich copper colour.

Available now in 1 litre pots £20.


Available now in 1 litre pots £20.


Available now in 1 litre pots £20.


Sarracenia leucophylla is a very sought-after carnivorous plant owing to its white-coloured pitchers on their upper part, which is very distinguishable from the other plants. The thin and elongated traps are among the tallest in the genus.  In Autumn, it is the last one to make pitchers, and they are genrally the highest ones of the year. A superb species you can't not have in your collection !

Available now in 1 litre pots £12.


Always water with rainwater.

Available now in 9cm pots £9. PLANT CODE: SARR-OREO

Rarely offered for sale - this tuberous, mound-forming perennial grows to 45cm high in flower. Silvery-grey hairy leaves topped with fragrant creamy-white flowrs. It requires a sheltered site - hardy down to minus 5. (It is related to Streptocarpus).

Available now 1 litre pots £7.50. PLANT CODE: SINN-T

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