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Hummock forming dwarf plant for rock garden or any sunny well drained site. Rose-pink flowers from July to September. Makes a lovely low hedge.

A classic plant for the herbaceous border, having all the qualities of the true species except it lacks the stamens replacing them with masses of mauve sepals. Due to this, the dense plump flowers are exceptionally long lasting. 120cm (4ft). Cultivation as per the species.

A diminutive Meadow Rue, barely reaching 15cm (6") and forming low carpets of finely divided, bluish, maidenhair fern-like foliage, through which the frothy shimmering purple flowers emerge from May to August. Although a woodlander it is equally happy in full sun.

A tall species with strong upright stems growing to 1.8m (6ft). It has striking blue-grey foliage and fluffy heads of complimentary pale yellow flowers through July and August. Suitable for sun or partial shade in fertile soil.

This thyme is easy and useful. Enjoying a sunny well drained situation it is suitable for rockery, raised bed, paved areas and containers.

A strong growing perennial for a shaded or semi-shaded site. The flower stems rise to 75-90cm (30-36"), and during autumn are adorned with loose heads of multiple flowers. Each exotic bloom flower has splayed petals of a mauve-maroon colour overlaid with deeper purple speckling, yellowing to the throat and red stigmas.

Grown for its interesting clover-like foliage in shades of red and pale green. Cut back regularly to keep it looking fresh. 10cm (4").

Grown for its interesting foliage which forms dense carpets. Leaves are dark green in the centre surrounded by a frosting of pale silvery-green. Pinkish-white Clover flowers are borne in summer. Regular cutting back will keep it looking fresh. 10cm (4").

A vigorous form of Clover with foliage heavily marked chocolate purple. Grows well in a moisture-retentive soil and treat as Trifolium repens 'Green Ice' to a summer haircut. 10cm (4").

An easily grown trillium for loose leafy soil in shade. The flowers are made up of three, maroon-red recurved petals, contrasting with three green sepals and bright yellow stamens, opening in April to May. 30cm (12").

A native of N.W. Turkey, this is one of the latest blooming of all Tulips, bearing pure red blooms, with bright yellow stamens nestled inside. A first-rate bulb for either the herbaceous border or naturalising in grass where it will self seed freely. 30-45cm (12-18").

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